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Jinji Peak Cluster Scenic Area, a popular scenic spot in Luoping County, Yunnan, is the best place to watch and photograph the oilseeds blossoms.

Hundreds of “pyramid-shaped” hills are scattered all over the dam. The mountain is surrounded by golden oilseeds blossoms fields. This is the best place to watch oilseeds blossoms in Luoping, and it is also a great place to shoot sunrise and sunset. In the morning that with heavy fog, the mountains and the clouds will creat a picture of fairyland.


In Luoping, there is a famous waterfall group. In the river of several kilometers, due to the unique geological structure and the long-term erosion of the water flow, a group of waterfalls with different heights and widths and different shapes have been formed. The drop is more than 100 meters. Countless shallows and deep pools. This is Jiulong Waterfall.

We visited the Jiulong Waterfalls along the way. The landscape of Jiulong Waterfall is pretty good, and the water is green. The gate of the scenic spot is at the foot of the mountain. You could enjoy a better view if you choose to hiking from there, but it is quite labarious. We drove up the mountain, entered the scenic spot from the back door (West Gate) of the mountain, and walked from top to bottom, which is relatively easier.


Luoping is the base of China’s rapeseed production and also the base of producing and processing bee products. The rapeseed flowers bloom on Luoping Plain every early spring. Looking from a far distance, it just like a boundless sea of golden yellow flowers and in a lush. The Snail fields in the north of Luoping County, the Jinji Peak Cluster and the Shiwandashan Mountain in the south are the best places to appreciate rapeseed flowers. In addition to the rapeseed blossoms in the spring, there are many famous scenic spots in the surrounding area in Luoping, such as Duoyi River, Jiulong Waterfall, Snail Field, Baiwa Mountain, Buge Three Gorges Scenic Area, Yidule Waterfall, Xianren Cave in Luoping County, Longma Stone Forest, etc.

Fascinating Spring Tour of Yunnan (2 Days exploration in Luoping, with seasonal limitation)

Fascinating Spring Tour of Yunnan (2-Day exploration in Luoping, with seasonal limitation)
1 night

139 USD

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