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LuGu Lake

LuGu Lake is a place that rich in natural sceneries, which would make tourists from all over the world emotionally moved. In here, flowers are blooming vigorously, while forests and bushes are in lush. The water of LuGu lake is clear and limpid. It sprinkles when sunshine spreading on. Islands in all different forms are scattered all over in the lake just like stars in the sky. Wandering on its silky like and vast smooth beach, gazing into the winding and pretty rolling hills in a far distance, you would be amazed by the beauty and pure of LuGu Lake.

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LuGu Lake is knowns as the most beautiful lake in Yunnan and it is also the last site of the human matriarchal clan. The Mosuo people live here, continuing the matrilineal clan which is rare both domestic and abroad. They continue to use the unique “A Xia” marriage system in which people do not get married and is full of natural and primitive folk customs. This paints this ancient land with mysterious and beautiful colour, and Lugu Lake is also known as the magical oriental daughter country. When the clear water of the lake is full of clear waves, the sun of the morning glows red on the lake surface, one after another fishermen’s songs beat the eardrums, the elegant and light canoes float freely, and the broken walls tell the past of mankind. At this moment, you will be full of longing and longing. Together with the mysterious night, let every man and woman embraced by it refreshed and happy.