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I have been visiting the region of Xishuangbanna for five days, four nights in the best hotel in the region. All of my travel is arranged by Ancient Yunnan Travel. I’m really glad to join this trip!

The first day, I visited the Wildelephant valley. I could see elephant performance here, which was really amazing. I would recommend this to everybody. Usually, we have two activities on one day, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. In the middle of the activities, we have lunch. The foods we had is a bit different from typical Chinese food. It’s a bit spicier because in this region, food is quite spicy but I still recommend it for it’s tasty. We also visit a small village on the same day, where Dai group is living here. We visit this village to know how they live and how they build their houses. Their handicrafts are quite interesting. They do pottery in hands.

The other day we visited the tropical rain forest, which presents you a very local climate, very tropical. You would sweat a lot if you can’t get used to it. It’s the typical weather in this region.

Another interesting day, we visited Jinghong city, the capital city of Xishuangbanna in the evening. There was a huge night market. I’m not used to seeing such a big market in Spain. There are some special dishes. I tried the insect dishes for the first time in my life in this market. I also recommend it because it’s some kind of new experience.

What I love most about this journey, is the facility of the hotel and the multiple categories of hotels for my choice. Ancient Yunnan provided me with the best hotel in this region. I can choose three different types of hotel. It’s really impressive. Not only the service but also the food they provided.  Ancient Yunnan also provided me with a personal driver and a tour guide. They helped a lot during the journey.

I really enjoy this trip and strongly recommend this trip to the region of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan!


Countless reasons attract people to visit beautiful Xishuangbanna. It presents visitors the original ethnic customs, the annual Songkran Festival, fresh and cheap tropical fruits, rare tropical rainforest plants, and various kind of wild animals.

When most parts of China are in the harsh winter, winter is the most comfortable time for the city. Even in the coldest months, the average temperature here can reach 16°C, making it the preferred city as the shelter from the coldness in winter.

You cannot miss it when travelling in Yunnan.

Tropical Adventure in South of Yunnan (5 Days in Xishuangbanna)

Tropical Adventure in South of Yunnan (5 Days in Xishuangbanna)
4 nights

From 519 USD

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