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Countless reasons attract people to visit beautiful Xishuangbanna. It presents visitors the original ethnic customs, the annual Songkran Festival, fresh and cheap tropical fruits, rare tropical rainforest plants, and various kind of wild animals.

When most parts of China are in the harsh winter, winter is the most comfortable time for the city. Even in the coldest months, the average temperature here can reach 16°C, making it the preferred city as the shelter from the coldness in winter.

You cannot miss it when travelling in Yunnan.

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Dai, as a minority ethnic group with a long history, has developed its writing and language. Their unique costumes and customs have become one of the most charming sceneries here. Due to its long-term isolation from the Central Plains, the dominant religion in local is Hinayana Buddhism here. It also has an impact on the local unique architectural customs, which could amaze you when you take the first glance on it.

This is Xishuangbanna, the most intact tropical ecosystem in China, the most Southeast Asian style in China, and the best cold shelter in China. With its long-standing culture, unique ethnic group customs, brilliant religion and exquisite architecture, Xishuangbanna is a mysterious land waiting for your exploration.


  • Xishuangbanna
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