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Known as Lin’an ancient town from long times ago, Jianshui County, as a city still preserving its classic tranquillity, has always been mentioned at the same breath with Dali. The beauty of Jianshui County bases on its elegant and sedate air. Inside and outside of this historical town, its classic beauty materialized from the splendid traditional construction disposition is released and spread, from the imperial ancestral temple to the marketplace, from the seclusion to the wild fields.

The beauty of Jianshui County also comes from the local delicious cuisines and handicraft art of purple pottery. The well water and soil here possessing the distinctive local traits, which fully revealed on the products made of these ordinary materials, even a piece of tofu and pottery can emerge its extraordinary quality.

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Jianshui County is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It is 220 kilometres away from the provincial capital of Kunming and 250 kilometres away from the border port and estuary. It is a material transfer station from the provincial capital to the counties on the south bank of the Red River and the circulation of commodities in southern Yunnan centre. In 1994, Jianshui County earned its title as the famous historical and cultural city in China and became one of the key scenic spots in China. Zhu Family Garden, Tuanshan Folk House, Swallow Cave, Confucian Temple, etc. are all famous scenic spots in Jianshui.

Taking a relaxing walking, enjoying a small bowl of Yunnan steaming pot chicken soup and several pieces of tofu here, you would gain a joyful memory for recall in this time passes swiftly like flowing water.


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