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Heshun Old Town

Entering the ancient town at night, it feels as if you are in the south of the Yangtze River. I was surprised that there is such an exquisite town in this place. This Ancient Town is composed of three horizontal lanes and four vertical lanes, which cross each other and lead to each other. The navigation system doesn’t work here. It is not reliable at all. Fortunately, the folk customs are simple and honest, and the villagers will be eager to help you guide you. An ancient town, paved on the hillside, has no unique geographical advantage. After six to seven hundred years of wind and rain, it has not been destroyed or degraded.

The courtyards of the old houses are mostly made of volcanic stone inlaid with towering and solid stone foot foundations. After a hundred years, they are still upright and strong, with an antique flavour and the same charm.
Wandering the small streets and alleys of the ancient town, enjoy the endless stroll, revel in the winding streets under the setting sun, the rugged intersecting roots, the Ming and Qing architectural communities of Heshun ancient town extending in all directions…

Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park

You must try the Hot air balloon! After flying up, the vision is completely different from the scenery! It is best to arrive at around 9:30. If it is too early you will not be able to take pictures that including other balloons; if it is too late, it may be cancelled! The close time of the event is different every day, if the wind is too strong, it may be closed at 11 o’clock. And the scenery of mist surrounding the mountains from distance is very beautiful, and if it gets too warm, you won’t see it. The hot air balloon is very stable and very safe except that the space is too small.

After the hot air balloon event, I would recommend visiting Xiaokong Mountain. The volcanic crater of Xiaokong Mountain is large, the slope is not steep and not tiring, and now there is a plank road around the crater.

Thermal Sea Park

Entering the scenic spot is like stepping into a fairyland, where the transpiration is filled with smoke and mist. Hearing the roar from the waterfall, sometimes accompanied by hissing eruption, I suddenly felt that the temperature in the scenic spot was higher than outside. The whole valley is full of strong sulfur smell.

We walked up the road along with the scenic spot. There are more than a dozen hot spring viewing spots along the way. The highest point is the big boiling pot, there are so many people here. If you’re tired from walking, you might as well stop to rest, eat two hot spring eggs, or come to a hot spring to soak your feet.

North Sea Wetland Park

It’s perfect! The wetland is not very big, but the scenery is good. In the distance, you can see the rolling green hills, and nearby is the grassland floating on the swamp. The water surface between the grass can be used for white water rafting or grass sliding. The day we went was cloudy with occasional sunshine, and walking on the plank road at the other end of the wetland made people feel relaxing.  I would recommend going in the afternoon, the light is better.

Gingko Village & Black Fish Gorge

The most beautiful scenery of Ginkgo Village is at the end of November and December. Most of the houses in the village have been converted into small hotels and guest houses. They are surrounded by a small courtyard. There are a few tables in the courtyard, eating and drinking tea, watching the fallen leaves, the ground is golden. That kind of sentiment and poetry really can’t be described in words, you can only experience it if you personally blend into it.

Black Fish Gorge is also a surprise. Although it is not a grand scene or spectacle, it makes people feel relaxed. The river is crystal clear, the air is fresh, and you can see monkeys when you walk deep into the scenic spot. Along the river is a small stall set up by locals, all kinds of fruits and snacks are not expensive. The ticket is included in the entrance ticket of the Volcano Park, but it is quite far from the Volcano Park. Perhaps because of this, there are very few people at the scenic spots, and there are even no traces of tourist groups.


Tengchong is under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province, located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, west of Baoshan City, and adjacent to Yingjiang County and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Tengchong is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a state of literature, a distribution centre for emeralds, and a provincial-level historical and cultural city. Tengchong was called Dian Yue in the Western Han Dynasty, and Tengchong Mansion was established in the middle of Dali Kingdom. Due to its important geographical location, massive military troops were dispatched to the garrison in the past dynasties. The Stone City was also built in the Ming Dynasty. The main tourist attractions in Tengchong include Volcano Group National Park, Dieshui River Waterfall, Beihai Wetland Reserve, Guoshang Cemetery, Ai Siqi’s Former Residence, etc.

Classic Tour of the Border City in Yunnan (4 Days in Teng Chong)

Classic Tour of the Border City in Yunnan (4 Days in Teng Chong)
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