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Fuxian Lake

On the vast Yunnan plague, embedded a limpid pool of water and it’s sprinkling as sunshine spreading on. It’s named Fuxian Lake.
Fuxian Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China. It’s also the most important and best freshwater resource, which is considered as precious as the Panda among the freshwater resources.

Boating on this beautiful clear lake and through the green hills at a slow pace, you could relax yourself down and get rid of all the tiredness in the mundane life. Enjoying a moment of inner peace and joy, let this blue limpid water wash your mental dust away.

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There are plenty of touring attractions around Fuxian Lake area. The original and natural sightseeing spots are mainly on the east bank, while the recently developed geological park and lake park sit on the west bank.

Besides the pretty scenery, you can also enjoy various activities here. Boating, sailing, swimming, playing golf,  and taking hot air balloon are all events that full of fun. It’s only taking about two hours to drive from Kunming to Fuxian Lake, so this is also a very handy destination for visiting if you want to spend a short weekend or you prefer a short-distance touring attraction.

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