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Our main goal is to provide excellent customer service and memorable experiences to our customers every day with thoughtful touring services and supports.  Making their exploration dream in China come true!



Ancient Yunnan Travel is a professional Kunming-based tour operator specialized in tailor-made tours for individuals and groups. This professional team consists of several inspiring and energetic team members. All of them are highly qualified and capable of delivering the best touring service for you in Yunnan. With its thoughtful touring services and supports, this experienced team is dedicated to helping its clients enjoy their wonderful trips in Yunnan and make their exploration dream in China come true! You are promised to enjoy a hassle-free journey here with Ancient Yunnan Travel!



The value of Ancient Yunnan Travel is to provide the best traveling experience for the clients who own a spirit of adventure and exploration. We believe that a life without adventure has not been fully lived. Once for a while, if you can lose(not get lost) and push yourself for a little bit further, then you may enjoy an extraordinary time, even just for a short period.



Ancient Yunnan Travel takes the clients as the core of everything it provides.

In Ancient Yunnan Travel, we practice all of our expertise to serve our tourists so they can bring home unforgettable memories. We will take care of everything for you during your journey. Your daily meals, destinations matching up with your interests, thoughtful tips, and recommendations are all covered in our service. You would have a “Wow” experience coming along with our most serious customer-focused service.


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Ancient Yunnan Travel is dedicated to running our touring project openly and transparently.

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We care about our tourists and the interests of local people,  their culture, and the environment.

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We’re a professional and efficient team that aims to bring our clients the best touring service and experience.


The main objective of Ancient Yunnan Travel is to present this extraordinary part of China to travelers from all over the world. With its beauty and diversity, Yunnan Province is situated between the Tibetan Highlands and the tropical landscapes of Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. It’s famous for its geographical varieties and is home to numerous ethnic minorities with its well-preserved ancient customs, colorful dresses, and manifold cuisine.

With many years of experience specializing in travels in Yunnan and beyond, we offer one of the widest range and variety of tours throughout all of Yunnan province, and we can tailor-make your own itinerary according to your different requests and interests. We provide the best quality service to assure your satisfaction throughout your travel with us.

Nowadays, many people prefer to travel independently and create their own unique itinerary. Therefore, we are pleased to help plan and organize a trip especially for you, whether traveling alone, with friends or family. All you need to do is tell us what kinds of activities and places you are interested in!

This is a young team full of an adventurous spirit and rich travel experiences. They have developed their own attitude and thought about touring in a strange destination. How to know and explore a new place from a comprehensive view? They are all specialists in this field. They believe that this mysterious and ancient land of Yunnan is worth exploring. They also believe that traveling is not just about a life experience in different destinations but also a way to develop your value and attitude towards life and the world.  Ancient Yunnan Travel will be your most ideal choice if you’re interested in Yunnan, this oriental ancient land of China. You may achieve more useful and practical traveling tips for your future tour in other Chinese areas too.

Ancient Yunan has done its registration legally and has achieved its authority in the touring industry.

The value of Ancient Yunnan Travel is to provide the best traveling experience for the clients who own a spirit of adventure and exploration. We believe that a life without adventure has not been fully lived. Once for a while, if you can lose(not get lost) and push yourself for a little bit further, then you may enjoy an extraordinary time, even just for a short period.

Review of Ancient Yunnan Travellers

We had three good days traveled with Ancient Yunnan. The tour guide picked us up from the airport and showed us around. We went to visit Heshun Old Town, Volcanic Park and Thermal sea park in Tengchong. We have been on the hot air balloon, which is really cool experience. Seeing the volcano from the top is really nice too. I like that village with a lot of Gingko trees. The whole village is totally yellow in the fall, which is amazing. The spa is really nice on the day of visiting the thermal sea. I feel really relaxed after enjoying the three days of hiking and sightseeing. The service of Ancient Yunnan has been great. The guide has been very friendly and very helpful.

Rients Visser | Netherlands - Classic Tour of the Border City in Yunnan (4 Days in Teng Chong)

I had three really wonderful days in Tengchong with Ancient Yunnan. When we visited the Heshun Old Town, I saw a lot of new things that I never see outside of Yunnan. We stay overnight in the old city which is a cool and good experience. The weather is beautiful, and the tour guide is good too. On the second day, we went to the Volcanic Park. In there I take the hot air balloon for the first time in my life. Gingko village is quite pretty in the autumn season. Thermal sea park is quite interesting too. I’m quite happy I could see all of these scenes of Tengchong, in Yunnan.

Viktor Gerosa | Switzerland  - Classic Tour of the Border City in Yunnan (4 Days in Teng Chong)

Our trip started from Stone forest, an amazing place. This is the number one attraction in Yunnan. The next station is Yuanyang, the Rice Terrace. It has beautiful and amazing scenery. There is really rich in local culture. One thing that needs to be noted is that the weather here is not very unstable.  So you would have to catch the moment of taking your picture. In Jianshui, there are lots of local places and activities for you to go and join so you could have a real feeling of an ancient Chinese town, not as other fake ancient town.    I would highly recommend Ancient Yunnan Travel to you. It’s a professional team that can help you organize your trip in Yunnan very well.

Ancient Yunnan is your best choice to travel in Yunnan!

Ксюша | Ukraine - Photography Tour of Yunnan (7-Day in Stone Forest, Yuanyang, Jianshui and Fuxian Lake)

We travelled with Ancient Yunnan. They provide everything. We visited three of the big cities. Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La. And also a lot of little villages. These villages we saw, they are all parts of the Tea and Horse Caravan Road. I personally think I traveled a lot in China, and Yunnan is actually my favorite area. It’s the best destination for the geographical location is perfect. It’s never too cold or too hot. When you’re going to visit Shangri-La, it’s very interesting. The beautiful fact is that you can enjoy the Tibetan view without going to Tibet. It was a very beautiful experience. Ancient Yunnan booked awesome boutique hotels for us. Both accommodation and food are amazing.

Yunnan is the best area to visit in China.  But China is too vast to travel easily. So you can just rely on a professional guide who can take you around and help you with the language, which is very important.

Matteo | Italy - Classic Ethnic Minorities Tour of Yunnan (2 Days in Lijiang)

We had 6 days of travelling time through Yunnan. We went to Shilin, the Stone Forest, Yuanyang, Jianshui and Fuxian Lake. Yuanyang counts half of the trip and also the most beautiful part you will ever see in Yunnan. You need to wake up very early to see the sunrise, which is really worth it. And I really like Jianshui for two reasons. The first one is tofu. I love tofu. You can see how it’s done in the local workshop. The second one is the old town of Jianshui. You have a good feeling when you go there because it’s kind of like an open area of a museum.  You can see real people’s daily life, not just tea shops. It’s pretty interesting. I think this trip is pretty good. You can practice your Chinese a lot, which is what we always need to do as a Chinese language learner.

You really need to come over to Yunnan!

Joe | France - Photography Tour of Yunnan (7-Day in Stone Forest, Yuanyang, Jianshui and Fuxian Lake)

I have been visiting the region of Xishuangbanna for five days. I visited the Wildelephant Valley, where I could see an elephant performance. We also visit a small village on the same day, where Dai group lives here. We went to see the tropical rainforest too, which presents you with a very tropical climate. You would sweat a lot if you can’t get used to it. We visited Jinghong city, the capital city of Xishuangbanna the other night. There was a huge night market. I’m not used to seeing such a big market in Spain. There are some special dishes. I tried insect dishes for the first time in my life in this market. I also recommend it because it’s some kind of new experience. What I love most about this journey is the facility of the hotel and the multiple categories of hotels for my choice. Ancient Yunnan provided me with the best hotel in this region. Ancient Yunnan also provided me with a personal driver and a tour guide. They helped a lot during the journey.I really enjoyed this trip and strongly recommended this trip to the region of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan!

John | Spain - Tropical Adventure in South of Yunnan (5 Days in Xishuangbanna)

Haven’t visited many places in China. I was looking for a place that combines both traditional Chinese culture and some unique features.  After visiting Ancient Yunnan, I decided that Yunnan is the best choice that I could make . Due to its location and historical background, Yunnan is the most diverse province in China. There are 26 minorities, 15 of which are unique to this area. Ancient Yunnan helped me to organize the trip, to explore the whole Yunnan province .

So, if you want to combine both historical experiences and enjoy the natural scenic spots, you should definitely go to Yunnan!

Oksana | Ukraine - Ethnic Minorities Tour (7-Day Classic Adventures in Dali, Lijiang & Shangri-La)