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Lijiang, located at the junction of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in northwestern Yunnan Province, has been a transit point for the southern Silk Road/the Old Tea-Horse Road since ancient times. The old town of Lijiang was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is a rare and well-preserved ancient city in China. It not only contains the essence of Naxi culture but also fully retains the historical features formed since Song and Yuan. This city has so many beautiful symbols and was approved to be included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. It owns both of the feature of a water-bound town and a mountain city. It is praised as “the Gusu on the plateau and the Venice in the East”.

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This ancient city is naturally opening to the world and willing to embrace the world too. When you first arrive in Lijiang, you will be impressed by the typical beautiful scenery here such as delicate bridges and flowing water. The ancient town of Dayan, Shuhe, and Yulong Snow Mountain will be the best places for you to learn about Lijiang, as well as the mysterious eastern state of the female, Lugu Lake. The fabulous scenes of lakes and mountains here will make you intoxicated. In Lijiang, you can enjoy your life just like a little child, putting aside the troubles of life, enjoying the warm sunshine here freely; or taking a hike to experience the beauty of the mountains and rivers here.

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