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Dongchuan Red Land is located in the northeast of Kunming City. Because the soil here contains more iron and aluminium, it forms a dazzling crimson colour. The unique red soil covers the undulating mountainous land in patches, intertwined with green crops, silver-grey roads and white villages which forming a huge multi-coloured and magnificent picture just like an “oil painting”. The land here is separated into colourful blocks by fields and crops. Gazing from the distance, the land is colourful, lined with blue sky and white clouds, which seems even more spectacular. People name this red land as the colour box created by haven and the kaleidoscope under the sky. As four seasons alternated, different kinds of crops in various colour would create a land of dynamic colourful scenery.

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Dong Chuan Red Land is considered to be the most imposing red land in the world besides Brazil. Gazing from a distance, it’s just like a colourful paradise for photography lovers.

The scenic spots here are distributed in various directions, which forming three main touring routes: Northwest route, Northeast route and South route.

The best time to visit the Dong Chuan Red Land is when the wheat gets ripen from April to May, when the oilseed rape blossoms grow vigorously from September to December, and when there is occasionally residual snow left in the fields from February to March.