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We had 6 days of travelling time through Yunnan. We went to Shilin, the Stone Forest, which is an amazing place. You can see the minorities. They are singing and dancing.

Then we went to Yuanyang. That’s counting half of the trip and also the most beautiful part you will ever see in Yunnan. You need to wake up very early, to see the sunrise, which is really worth it. And then you get to walk to the rice terrace, to see the locals people farm there. You can also see animals everywhere, ducks and pigs. I love pigs. The locals’ life here is pretty amazing to see.

And then we went to Jianshui,  I really like this place for two reasons. The first one is tofu. I love tofu. You can see how it’s done in the local workshop. The second one is the old town of Jianshui. You have a good feeling when you go there because it’s kind of like an open area of a museum.  You can see real people’s daily life, not just tea shops. It’s pretty interesting.

And then it’s Fuxian Lake. I think this trip is pretty good. You can practice your Chinese a lot, which is what we always need to do as a Chinese language learner.

You really need to come over to Yunnan!


Jianshui, as the newly developed and opened travel route in South-eastern Yunnan, has been famous for its wonderful climate, colourful culture and profound history.

Attractions such as Jianshui Old Town, Jianshui Old City Train (Lin’an Station), Double Dragon Bridge, Tuanshan village and ancient water wells exploring tour through the whole town are things you will not want to miss during your visit here.

Photography Tour in South-eastern of Yunnan(2 days in Jianshui)

Photography Tour of Yunnan (7-Day in Stone Forest, Yuanyang, Jianshui and Fuxian Lake)
6 nights

From 630 USD

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