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Xu Xiake, the famous traveller in the Ming Dynasty, once wrote “Luoping is a well-known place in the eastern Dian area” to praise Luoping.

In July, the sun of midsummer sprinkled from the transparent blue sky, spreading the heat evenly to the earth. In this scenery picture, the green hills are boundless but not rolling continuously; the breeze blows, as the dark green paddy waves slowly unfolding, and the refreshing fragrance of rice rushes forward. Strolling through Buyi Village, boating on the Duoyi River, with the green hills scene on both sides, you could enjoy the ten scenic beaches at even one glance. The secluded and charming natural scenery makes tourist forget the time to return, and also bear the quaint Buyi lifestyle in their minds constantly.

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Luoping is the base of China’s rapeseed production and also the base of producing and processing bee products. The rapeseed flowers bloom on Luoping Plain every early spring. Looking from far distance, it just like a boundless sea of golden yellow flowers and in a lush. The Snail fields in the north of Luoping County, the Jinji Peak Cluster and the Shiwandashan Mountain in the south are the best places to appreciate rapeseed flowers. In addition to the rapeseed blossoms in the spring, there are many famous scenic spots in the surrounding area in Luoping, such as Duoyi River, Jiulong Waterfall, Snail Field, Baiwa Mountain, Buge Three Gorges Scenic Area, Yidule Waterfall, Xianren Cave in Luoping County, Longma Stone Forest, etc.