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Stone Forest

Yunnan Stone Forest, situated in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is 78 kilometres away from downtown of Kunming. It is the only world’s class of subtropical plateau with similar karst geology and geomorphology. It was awarded and included in the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO in June 2007. It is also the first batch of world class  geological parks, a well-known tourist resort for relieving heat and cold, and one of the most charming tourist resorts in the world.

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Jiuxiang, located in Yiliang County, is 28 kilometres away from the Stone Forest Scenic Area. The dominant scenic spot here is the karst landscape, especially these splendid caves. While outside of the cave, you would enjoy its very local culture and ethnic customs. Wandering in the scenic area, you could see continuous peaks and mountains, intertwined rivers, and forests in lush. Many rivers are passing through the land. Among the river systems that pass through the area with a runoff area greater than 100 square kilometres, the Nanpan River system, the Maitian River system and the Zhangziba River system are the top three famous river systems.