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Yuanyang terraces lie in the southern part of Ailao Mountain which belongs to Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province. They are masterpieces that created and left by Hani people for generations. They cultivated about 170,000 acres of terraced fields in Yuanyang. These terraced fields stretch across the territory of the Red River and vary with the mountain topography and adjust measures to local conditions. Huge terraced fields could be reclaimed from larger lands with gentle slopes, while the minor terraced fields from smaller lands with steep slopes. Even the rock gaps under ditch ridges are reclaimed as terraced field too. Therefore, the terraced fields here can be as large as a few acres, and also be as small as just a dustpan. Usually, there would be thousands of acres of terraced fields on each slope. Filled with water and paddy, layers of terraced fields are rippling and sparkling with silver waves. From the foot to the top of the mountain, the terraced fields present a scene of boundless variety and magnificent.

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The best month for visiting Yuanyang terraces is from November to next April. From December to January of the following year, you would have the chance to see the unique red terraced field. The fascinating colour is created by the red duckweed and plant floating in the paddy field around this time. Around the Spring Festival, you can appreciate the amazing scene of a vast sea of clouds here. Around the Lantern Festival, wild cherry blossoms, wild kapok, wild peach blossoms and pear blossoms are all in full bloom. The characteristic mushroom houses of the Hani people in Yuanyang have constructed along with the features of the mountain, which considered as a major distinguishing local quality. Many villages in Yuanyang still follow the custom of going to a local market. You might buy a local calendar and pay attention to the time of the local market, and stroll around the market to better experience the local customs.