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Tiger Leaping Gorge is really worth visiting.

Hiking up and down in Tiger Leaping Gorge is super tiring, and it’s not too tiring when you go down, but when you climb up, you feel that your soul will be empty. The river water is fierce, and there may be splashes of water nearby. There is a staff member at the tiger statue below to help tourists take free small photos. You can collect your picture from the tiny cottage that standing next to the spot. If you want to print a larger photo, you will have to pay extra. Scan the QR code to get the electronic photo. But the effect is mediocre. The altitude here is not particularly high, but if you continue to go up, it is breathless.

Suggested touring time: 1-2 hours

The Tiger Leaping Gorge scenic spot is as soon as you enter the parking place. It takes about an hour to hike up and down the plank road. The plank road is still relatively steep, so when I walked up, I was really tired, my legs would be sore, and I would panic.
After passing through the small house, you can see the whole view of Tiger Leaping Gorge from the top viewing platform. However, because of the shelter of trees, it is not very clear. Moreover, the platform is relatively open, so the wind is naturally strong, not suitable for a long stay.
The plank road on the left-hand side when going down. There are a total of three viewing platforms at the bottom. Although Tiger Leaping Gorge can be appreciated from different angles, it is still too crowded to find a location to take good pictures.
In fact, the Tiger Leaping Gorge scenic spot is not that big. It usually goes from downstream to upstream. Underneath is a man-made wooden plank road, and there are many small blessing ribbons hanging on the handrails. The tiger statue and the tiger jumping stone can be seen on the first viewing platform, and there may be splashes of water here.

After walking through the first viewing platform, there is a long plank road, and then you will slowly approach the Tiger Leaping Stone, the big rock that is said to be able to jump over by tigers, and the water there is probably the most turbulent. Going straight ahead is the second viewing platform and the third viewing platform. The Tiger Leaping Gorge seen here is actually similar to the one on the first viewing platform, but it feels closer to the current. Going further up is the way to go back. It has always been an upward road, super steep. But it’s basically over when you get to the top, although it’s very shattered, it’s still worth a visit.





Tiger Leaping Gorge is the canyon with the largest drop in the world. It is divided into upper, middle and lower Tiger Leaping sections with a total length of about 20 kilometers. The upper tiger jump is dominated by the “Xiakou” and the “tiger jumping stone”, the middle tiger jump takes the risk of “gypsophila” and “a line of sky”, and the lower tiger jump takes the “high gorge out of the Pinghu” and “great scenery” “For beauty. The normal way to visit Tiger Leaping Gorge is to take a bus from Tiger Leaping Gorge town to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Only after walking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge can you truly appreciate the magnificent power of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

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