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  • Walking through the streets and alleys of Dayan Ancient City

We searched for all kinds of Lijiang speciality snacks to fill our stomachs. After that, head to Lion Rock and board the commanding height of Lion Rock-Wangu Tower. We are here overlooking the entire Old Town of Lijiang. If you are lucky enough, you can also overlook the Yulong Snow Mountain to the north. After getting off the Lion Rock, we went to Mufu again to admire the Naxi palace-style architecture of the Forbidden City in the ancient city. Return to the ancient city in the evening, feel the nightlife of the ancient city in Sifang Street, and go to the bars for entertainment.
When you first arrive in Lijiang, it is estimated that many people will be impressed by the beautiful scenery like small bridges and flowing water here. In Lijiang, you can be a wayward child, put aside the troubles of life, enjoy fantasy, play, and enjoy the warm sunshine here. ; Or take a hike to experience the beauty of the natural mountains and rivers; you can also look forward to an unexpected love on an intoxicating night. Lijiang has many undiscovered charms, which are waiting for people who come here to find out.
Lijiang’s iconic windmill, it seems that every tourist will take a photo here, but I think the embossed wall next to it is more distinctive. The whole wall is red and carved with various patterns.
In Sifang Street Square, many old Naxi people dance ethnic dances. Later, when we were free to wander around at night, we would occasionally come here to learn to dance with them and try to blend in with the scenery.

I have always heard that Lijiang is a place suitable for life, like a paradise, showing the small bridges and flowing water to the fullest. A little more leisurely than Wuzhen, and a touch of charm than Suzhou.
You can walk aimlessly on the streets of the ancient town, watching the gurgling water and the blue sky, feeling the breeze floating willows blowing across your face, watching the flowers bathed in the sun, and watching those handsome and beautiful faces.
In the private courtyard of the hotel, we can be basking in the sun and swinging on the swing. Sitting on the bench under the tree, we can feel the crowd in a daze and look into it from a distance. You may go to the noisy bar and drink a glass of wine to feel passion and unrestrainedness or go to the small-town pub, just listening to the singer’s dream. Even, you can do nothing, and be like a newborn without memory, without longing, that baptized and returned to the basics.
You are at this moment, because in the last second, the snow-capped mountains, blue sky, earth, joy, comfort, sunshine, light clouds and breeze all belong to you.
The inns in Lijiang all have electric blankets and hot water, so I can take a hot bath happily and go out for a meal. Near the south gate of the ancient city, there is a barbecue. Finally, I ate a bowl of three fresh noodles, a bowl of ten yuan, a giant bowl, super delicious! Having lived in the city for so many years, I have never tried such cheap and delicious noodles. It tastes like home!

  • Being in a daze at Shuhe Ancient Town

It’s most pleasant to run from the bustling Lijiang to Shuhe in a daze, and spend an afternoon in a quiet cafe.

When you come to Lijiang, you can try the slow-paced life here.

Woke up in the morning by the sound of birdsong. Walking on the streets of the ancient town, you can buy a variety of natural raw ingredients to cook by yourself. In the afternoon, you can drink tea, look at the scenery outside the window and make friends with tourists from all over the world. The inn also has its own garden, vegetable garden, and orchard, where you can plant fruit trees. When the fruits are mature, the inn will mail it to you. In the evening, you can also blow the breeze here and drink small wine. Let you relax and forget the troubles of life.

I knew that Shuhe had fewer people and was quieter, but I didn’t expect it to be so quiet. There was no one on the road and the shops were sparsely opened. I walked to the Sifang Street in Shuhe and it was a little bit lively. It’s a sharp contrast with Dayan Ancient Town. .

This is a quiet town, we like it very much. Shuhe is still very ancient.

  • Tasting the special local dried pork ribs

There is a famous “Yujie La Spare Ribs” in Xiangshan Market. The greasy floor, low benches, and diners wearing ethnic costumes all show that this shop is mainly for locals. You can get there by taxi for a few yuan, about 5 minutes’ drive from the ancient city.

  • Filming the reflection of the entire Yulong Snow Mountain on the water

If the weather is good, you can go to Qingxi Reservoir from the park. This is one of the water sources of Lijiang citizens. There is a small path in the middle of the reservoir, which divides the entire reservoir into two halves. There are two arch bridges on the path and there are many willow trees. When the weather is clear, you can see the reflection of the entire Yulong Snow Mountain on the water.




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