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It’s the summer vacation when I travelled to Puzhehei.

Although it’s Monday, there are many tourists, horse-drawn carriages and private cars, when we arrived here. There are already many willow boats in the river. If the two boats meet, the tourists on the boats will start splashing each other. There are various tools to use, water scoop and water gun are the most commonly used two. The tourists on the boat would put on raincoats and life jackets in advance to get ready for this splashing water play. The weather was a bit cloudy when we arrived so not very ideal for photographing. The photos I took there are a bit of dark, and the colour of the water is not particularly beautiful as how it looks in real. The clouds dispersed a little, and the lake was blue under the light.

The lotus is very beautiful and so is the lake. The people in the water war are very happy. And not only are the people on the nearby boats fighting in the water, even when the boats pass the bridge hole, but they will also splash each other with the people on the bridge. On the other side of the bridge were four children, and they had a great time fighting with the people on the boat under the bridge.
Go to the Qinglongshan Pier at the foot of Qinglong Mountain, and you can buy a ticket at the ticketing centre to take a boat tour of the lake. Many willow-leaf boats and life jackets were hung on the shore. Some boat owners just sit in the boat and chat, waiting for tourists.


Puzhehei is now divided into two major areas: the core scenic area (the old scenic area) and the peripheral scenic area (the new scenic area). The core scenic area is the ordinary tourist area, where you can see caves, ten thousand acres of lotus, and the typical rural scenery of Puzhehei. Minority group villages such as Heicun village and Xianrendong village are also lie in here. The periphery scenic area includes attractions such as Swan Lake, wetlands, etc., and normally, most tourists would choose to visit the core scenic spots. Karst cave is undoubtedly a major attraction in Puzhehei. Currently, there are Moon Cave, Torch Cave, Guanyin Cave and Xianren Cave available and open to tourists. There are not only various stalactites, but also many myths and legends.

Joyful Summer Tour of Yunnan (2 Days exploration in Puzhehei, with seasonal limitation)

Joyful Summer Tour of Yunnan (2-Day exploration in Puzhehei, with seasonal limitation)
1 night

278 USD

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