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As the most prestigious tourist province in China, Yunnan not only has amazing natural scenery but also rich and diverse in its human culture. You would enjoy different scenery and fun when travelling in Yunnan in different seasons and time. In this post, I’m going to list out the top 10 best things to do while travelling in Yunnan for your reference!

No.1: Greeting the “elf” from Siberia

Like other large cities, Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, has extensive urban traffic and high-rise buildings, but it is more leisurely compared with other cities. With flowers that bloom undefeated in all seasons, it’s just like a large urban garden.

Due to its mild climate and good environment, you could see a famous scene here every winter. Every year, the red-headed seagull known as the “elf” from North Siberia will fly thousands of miles to Kunming for getting through in winter. They’re warmly welcome by locals and have become famous scenery here in winter as well.

The Green Lake Park and Dianchi Park are the two main spots these lively creatures live in. Having a walking in these two parks and spending some time watching these “elf” is always the most relaxing thing to do in the afternoon of a winter sunny day here.

No.2: Trying out every kind of rice noodle here

Guoqiao (cross-bridge) rice noodle has a long history and is well-known throughout the country. It’s also one of the favourite and most common daily foods of Yunnan people. In addition to the Guoqiao rice noodle, the small pot boiled rice noodle, cold chicken rice noodle, etc. are all common rice noodle dishes for locals. If you want to experience the most authentic life in Yunnan, you would have to try a bowl of rice noodles, otherwise, it would be a pity.

No.3: Stretching yourself at the Ancient Town – Lijiang

In the eyes of Yunnan people, Lijiang is a good place to relax. The hot summer is never the word for Lijiang. Throughout the summertime, the temperature here will not exceed 24 degrees. So it is necessary to prepare a thin coat when you go out at Lijiang.

In Lijiang ancient town, you can casually wander on the streets, following your heart. There is always wonderful music or singing in the streets. And you can stop by any distinctive stores that you’re interested in. You could find yourself a place to chill and stare in a daze as well if you feel weary after long walking. There are plenty of delicate cafes and stands you can sit down to take a break and to enjoy some reading and basking in the sun. In the evening, you can also enjoy some peaceful moment by standing in Qingxi Reservoir and watching the reflection of Yulong Snow Mountain.  Isn’t it sounds chilling?

Finding more things to do in Lijiang:


No.4: The best spring tour in Luoping

Every March of the year is the best time to visit the most awesome rapeseed blossoms in Luoping County. Especially to watch the sunrise on Jinji Peak and see how the sea of rapeseed flowers changes colour as the sun slowly rises.

During the springtime, the blue sky sets off the peak forest, and the peak forest sets off the flower field. The peaks are like islands rippling in a sea of flowers. You can also taste the local Buyi traditional cuisine, five-colour rice. The locals call it Wufan. This kind of rice is not only bright in colour, but also delicious. The Bouyei people have a long history of eating five-colour flower rice, and this tradition has been maintained to this day.

Booking your spring tour in Luoping now!


No.5: Catch the joy and beauty of Fall in Tengchong

As another destination that combines humanities and landscape, Tengchong, a small town, is quiet and serene, simple and laid-back.

And because it is located on the border between China and Myanmar, it is a trade port connecting Yunnan with Myanmar, India, Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries. It is not only a border town since the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, but also full of mystery due to its unique geographical location and the residence of 23 ethnic minorities.

The ginkgo in Ginkgo Village in Tengchong generally starts to turn yellow in November. The village surrounded by ginkgo trees is like a golden castle. The ground that covered with golden carpets of ginkgo leaves can bring you a feeling of goldenness.

In addition to natural scenery, Tengchong is also rich in geothermal resources. Tengchong Volcano Geothermal Park is a volcano museum and the only volcanic and geothermal coexistence area in China. After visiting the volcano park, you can also enjoy natural thermal springs in the local area. The thermal spring water in Tengchong is of good quality and has a good health effect.

Know more about visiting Tengchong: 4 DAYS TOUR OF THE BORDER CITY TENGCHONG

No.6: Watching the Sunrise at the Terraced Fields

People who have been to Yuanyang, Yunnan, can’t help but sign with emotions for the magnificence of Yuanyang terraces which stretches magnificently on both banks of the Red River. The best shooting time for Yuanyang terraces in Yunnan is from December to late March of the following year.

In Yuanyang, you must go to the Duoyishu spot to watch the sunrise. The thick fog gradually rises in the early morning and then disperses. Layers of terraced fields extend from the ridges to the foothills of the deep river valley. Different lines and different fields flash with a changing luster. This is how Yuanyang terraces wake up every day.

What you can see in Yuanyang?

No.7: Riding on the plank walkway at Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake is located in Chengjiang County, southeast of Kunming, more than 60 kilometres away from Kunming which takes 1-hour driving. The azure and clear water of Fuxian Lake is surrounded by lush mountains which makes it look like a hidden resort paradise.

Riding along the plank road of the lake is a good way to appreciate the scenery of Fuxian Lake. The plank road is laid next to Fuxian Lake, from Jianshan in the west to Haikou Town in the east, with a total length of about 22 kilometres, which is very spectacular. Here, by strolling along the plank road, seeing glorious flowers and green grass on both sides, you will find that Fuxian Lake is like a large blue gem inlaid on the ground. You may relax in this blue and quiet space.


No.8: Appreciating the pure natural beauty at Pudacuo National Park

Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park is China’s first national park and the part that tourists can visit only accounts for 3% of the total area of the park.

Pudacuo Park is suitable for touring all year round. You can appreciate flowers in spring and snow in winter. You can escape the heat here in summer.

In autumn, this park will become the palette of the earth. During this golden season, the colours of the forest also become splendid. Slight yellow, pale yellow, strong red, lavender, and dark green, various colours rendered Pudacuo into a colourful picture.

Here, the rainfall in autumn is much less than in summer, and the transparent blue sky can make you feel that the sky is within reach.

There are more things and scenery to see in Shangri-La

No.9: Tropical adventure in Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is located in the area south of the Tropic of Cancer. The area at the same latitude is either desert or ocean or savanna area. Its particularity is due to the vertical span of Yunnan. Therefore, the weather in Xishuangbanna is the same as in other tropical regions, with only two seasons of comfort and heat throughout the year. When the heavy snow was flying in the north of China, Xishuangbanna people are still wearing slippers and drinking a cold beer in the night market.

From December to next February, Xishuangbanna is the best place to shelter from the coldness in winter.

In addition to the climate, there are countless features of Xishuangbanna that can attract tourists’ attention, such as Dai group culture, special Dai cuisine, high-end hotels and amusement parks, etc.


No.10: Visiting the Red Land in Dongchuan

Yunnan Dongchuan red land is considered by experts as the most imposing red land in the world except Rio de Janeiro, and its scene is more magnificent than Brazilian red land.

Every September of the year, Dongchuan becomes more colourful under the decoration of various mature crops. When the blue sky and white clouds are mixed with light and shadows, you can shoot a professional-level photography piece even if you are not a master photographer.


In Yunnan, the fun and memories experienced by every traveller are different. This ancient land of Yunnan awaits your arrival and exploration. Perhaps, you will have a very different list of 10 best things to do in Yunnan after your visiting here.


Yuanyang terraces lie in the southern part of Ailao Mountain which belongs to Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province. They are masterpieces that created and left by Hani people for generations. They cultivated about 170,000 acres of terraced fields in Yuanyang. These terraced fields stretch across the territory of the Red River and vary with the mountain topography and adjust measures to local conditions. Huge terraced fields could be reclaimed from larger lands with gentle slopes, while the minor terraced fields from smaller lands with steep slopes. Even the rock gaps under ditch ridges are reclaimed as terraced field too. Therefore, the terraced fields here can be as large as a few acres, and also be as small as just a dustpan. Usually, there would be thousands of acres of terraced fields on each slope. Filled with water and paddy, layers of terraced fields are rippling and sparkling with silver waves. From the foot to the top of the mountain, the terraced fields present a scene of boundless variety and magnificent.

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