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  1. the average altitude in Yunnan is 1894 meters. Kunming: 1890 meters. Dali: 2050 meters. Lijiang: 2400 meters, Jade Dragon Mountain: 4506 meters. Shangri-La: 3280 meters.

we strongly suggest our consumer be fully prepared for high altitude reaction and strong ultraviolet rays. By preparing these, you can take some high-altitude reaction medicines before you depart or bring some Oxygen Can with you.

  1. If you suffer any of blow diseases, please advise your doctor before you depart

Any kinds of heart disease, high pressure, any blood diseases, cerebrovascular disease,disease of respiratory system and etc..

  1. We don’t suggest our guest take shower in the first two days in high altitude area. If you get cold, it may will leads to pulmonary oedema and encephaledema easily.
  2. Please don’t drink any alcohol especially any strong liquids, since alcohol will lead to serious high altitude reaction.