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Meng Yuan Paradise Theme Park – Xishuangbanna

Meng Yuan Paradise Theme Park is 100 kilometres away from Jinghong City. The scenic area is located in the Mengla Nature Reserve, which belongs to the tropical monsoon rain forest of Lime Mountain. You would find it’s a park with rich natural resources. It gathers tropical and subtropical plant species and wild animal species. Limestone is widely distributed in the scenic area. The karst landform resources are extremely rich, giving birth to many natural landscapes such as pinnacles, stone forests, stalagmites, stone buds, karst caves and underground rivers. The strange peaks and rocks and the large-scale karst cave communities are organically combined with the surrounding tropical rainforest to form the Mengyuan Wonderland Scenic Spot Unique natural landscape. In today’s trip, you will discover the biggest Tropical Rainforest Water Tunner Caves, have a Jungle Hiking and enjoy the Banyan Climb!

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