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Oilseeds blossom & Jiulong Waterfall & Douyi River – Luoping

The beauty of Luoping oilseeds blossoms is not only a gift of nature but also a masterpiece of human society. Nature gave birth to the unique karst surface here. Generations of industrious farmers worked hard, just like embroidering flowers on a hillside, constantly building and expanding terraces. Coupled with Luoping’s unique climate, it has created such a beautiful spectacle. The Jiulong Waterfalls are known for their countless shallows and deep pools between the waterfalls. It is surrounded by mountains and terraces, which creating idyllic scenery. The clear Jiulong River returned to calm after falling from the waterfall. In fact, in Luoping, there is no need to go to any scenic spots. In the spring, the whole Luoping is a huge garden.

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