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In Puzhehei, there are dense rivers and lakes and winding waterways surround the range upon range of green mountains. Lotus blossom, which fills the entire lake with elegant pink, stretching across thousands of acres in the summertime. Occasionally, boats passing by the surface of the water cause ripples and sprinkles that breaking through the reflected shades of blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains in the water. There are also fish and shrimps swimming and jumping happily in the water. Puzhehei, where lives unsophisticated villagers of the Yi ethnic group, has interesting folk customs and festivals, as well as touring attractions of ancient villages, cave landscapes, and pastoral scenery. It is praised as another paradise in Yunnan.

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Puzhehei is now divided into two major areas: the core scenic area (the old scenic area) and the peripheral scenic area (the new scenic area). The core scenic area is the ordinary tourist area, where you can see caves, ten thousand acres of lotus, and the typical rural scenery of Puzhehei. Minority group villages such as Heicun village and Xianrendong village are also lie in here. The periphery scenic area includes attractions such as Swan Lake, wetlands, etc., and normally, most tourists would choose to visit the core scenic spots. Karst cave is undoubtedly a major attraction in Puzhehei. Currently, there are Moon Cave, Torch Cave, Guanyin Cave and Xianren Cave available and open to tourists. There are not only various stalactites, but also many myths and legends.