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Our trip started from Stone forest, an amazing place. This is the number one attraction in Yunnan. The next station is Yuanyang, the Rice Terrace, it’s one of the best places in Yunnan. Firstly, it has beautiful and amazing scenery. Secondly, there is really rich in the local culture. One thing that needs to be noted is that the weather here is not very unstable. It could be sunny in the last minute and then raining. So you would have to catch the moment of taking your picture.  But it’s really worth going there.

The next place is the Jianshui. Jianshui old town is quite small, not as big as Dali and Lijiang old town. There are lots of local places and activities for you to go and join so you could have a real feeling of ancient Chinese town, not as other fake ancient towns.

Our next stop is Fuxian Lake, it’s one of the biggest and clearest lakes in China. I would highly recommend Ancient Yunnan Travel to you. It’s a professional team that can help you organize your trip in Yunnan very well.

Yunnan is one of the most beautiful places in China, with this snow mountain in the north and tropical air in the south. It’s a quite big area and has many places to visit.

Ancient Yunnan is your best choice to travel in Yunnan!

Stone Forest

Yunnan Stone Forest, situated in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is 78 kilometres away from downtown of Kunming. It is the only world’s class of subtropical plateau with similar karst geology and geomorphology. It was awarded and included in the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO in June 2007. It is also the first batch of world-class  geological parks, a well-known tourist resort for relieving heat and cold, and one of the most charming tourist resorts in the world.

Classic Single Day Tour of Yunnan (1 Day exploration of Stone Forest)

Classic Single Day Tour of Yunnan (1 Day Exploration of Stone Forest)
0 nights

82 USD

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Photography Tour of Yunnan (7-Day in Stone Forest, Yuanyang, Jianshui and Fuxian Lake)
6 nights

From 630 USD

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